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Alix T, Portsmouth

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nicola over the past few months. She is a fantastic coach and has really helped me break-through many limiting beliefs. Nicola is compassionate, kind and caring. From our first session I felt I could be really honest with her and that she would support me fully.

Nicola is not only supportive, but also a fantastic cheerleader. She held me to account for every goal I set myself and challenged me when I needed it.

The passion Nicola has for coaching really shines through. She has really helped me transform my life. Thank you Nicola xx


Shana K, Manchester

I have just spent 13 weeks working with Nicola, I have loved every second and had some amazing break throughs. The transformation I have felt through the process has been so enlightening, really helped my vision for the future and tackle my blocks head on. Nicola has been truly amazing coach in guiding me through these break through with such a kind and soft nature, making me feel comfortable every session. I would highly recommend to everyone. I did take a risk as due to covid my businesses stop but it was worth every penny and I have really pushed through and achieved so much more than I ever thought.

It’s been a truly wonderful 13 weeks.

Thank you so much xxxx

Lilla V.jpg

Lilla V, Melbourne

Nicola’s warm and kind manner helped me to open up from the first moment. Our session was calm, straight forward and super effective.

She helped me to gain clarity in my vision and how to achieve it.

She makes you feel understood and heard.

I couldn’t recommend her more.

Talking to Nicola feels like a chat with your friend but she takes you to depths you usually don’t explore by yourself.

Lovely session, such good energy, all in all, Nicola is a wonderful coach that you can trust to lead the way to your inner self.

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Michelle B, London

Nicola coached me through a difficult period in my life when I was facing a dilemma in my career, which was having a negative impact on my life and the way that I was feeling about myself. She was absolutely brilliant! She listened as I talked about my problem and then explained to me that she was going to use a technique that would help me to gain clarity. The technique she used really helped me to connect with the REAL problem. Nicola was very aware throughout and noticed my changes in state. Luckily I didn’t stay in a ‘down’ state for long as she was able to help me to transform the way that I was feeling. Nicola is such a brilliant coach and I thoroughly recommend her coaching services to anyone facing challenges that they want to overcome. Thank you Nicola! Xx


Cinthya L, Brighton

Nicola has helped me at a time where I felt deeply unfulfilled and unhappy. She opened my eyes to the possibility that I could create whatever I wanted and helped me have a massive mindset shift. Her coaching has been a great help for me and I have since left my full time job to create my own business and am as happy as ever. Thank you Nicola for shifting my perspective and allowing me to truly believe in myself.


Jason B, Swindon

Just want to say a big thank you for that amazing coaching session, Nicola. You helped me dissect a painful memory like a master surgeon, on a memory that had haunted me quite a bit for years.

You did it with tact and understanding. I felt safe in the space you created and held so well, and I also felt I could really open up which was amazing.

You had a lovely soothing voice when coaching me, which really put me at ease straight away, just felt like I was chatting with a friend, which was amazing given the nature of what we were dealing with.

Thank you for what you helped me with. I will forever be grateful for it You are an amazing and skillful coach.