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My Qualifications

I understand people can be sceptical when it comes to investing money and putting trust in another person who is claiming they can change your life! I get it! So for your peace of mind I wanted to showcase my qualifications and professional studies below. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop an email to me on the contact page!



Here's where it all began! I became an accredited life coach in May 2020 and shortly after made the decision to specialise as a Confidence Coach.

A coach is someone who uses appropriate, powerful questioning to help another person break down their barriers and achieve their goals.


A coach is a facilitator of change, growth and progression.


A coach is someone who can shine a light on people’s personal and professional blind spots.


A coach is an encourager of positive actions​​!

NLP Master Practitioner

I adored being a Coach! So much so that I wanted to keep studying and adding tools to my toolkit to help clients in an even deeper and more transformational way.

I completed 12 weeks of study to become an NLP Practitioner in July 2020 and then an additional 12 weeks of further intensive study to become an NLP MASTER Practitioner.


Additional Studies & Professional Qualifications

  • Fully ACII qualified (Associate of Chartered Insurance Institute)

  • Management & Leadership training

  • Presentation Skills & Public Speaking training

  • Emotional Intelligence coaching

  • Dr Joe Vitale's Certification in "Clearing Limiting Beliefs"