My Story

A bit about me...

Like most people in the world, I’ve certainly faced my fair share of challenges in life. From living with an alcoholic Mother who sadly passed away in 2018 aged just 51, to surviving emotionally abusive relationships, to dealing with narcissistic bosses and trying to make my mark in a male dominated industry. It's not been plain sailing.

But I am living proof that your past experiences do not have to define you and you can change things around dramatically once you've made the conscious decision to change.

People often say to me that they would have no clue that I've been through the things I have, due to my optimistic nature and positive attitude, and I am humbled and truly thankful to hear that! Because it means that all the hard work and personal development I've done have paid off.

I have had many years of coaching, energetic healing and training which has enabled me to discover my true calling and soul purpose!

I went off on the wrong track with my business at first as I felt called to work with professional women but this turned out to be a detour! I had a realisation last year that I was ignoring my TRUE soul purpose and when I finally accepted it I was amazed to discover I have psychic abilities and a true gift of healing which I have now unlocked!

And the client results have been phenomenal!

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My mission is to help spiritual women heal their energetic blocks, turbo charge their manifestations and create a reality they desire using my Rapid Manifestation Method and transformational coaching!