Is this you?

Are you a Spiritual Woman longing for a better life, but feel stuck and confused?

Are you longing to step out of the "spiritual closet" but are worried what your family and friends will think?

Do you have a deep knowing that you current job is not fulfilling your soul purpose but you need clarity and direction on how to make that change?

Are you a lover of Manifestation but just can't seem to manifest the JUICY big goals?

Are you looking for energetic healing?

Do you want some intuitive guidance from Spirit?

Do you want an easy, go to method to manifest your dream life into real life?

Are you sick of reading all the personal development books, listening to the podcasts and saying the affirmation??

And you just need some help?


How can I help?

I can help you in a variety of ways!!

Oracle Card Readings.

I can offer a 45 minute Oracle Card Reading, where I use my psychic gifts and intuition to draw 11 oracle cards for you.

This will provide you with clarity, guidance and reassurance about your current situation.

Energy Healing

I offer 1 hour energy healings, in which I scan you aura and your chakras to see where you are blocked and in need of some energetic healing.

I clear and cleanse the blockages and provide beautiful healing.

You will feel uplifted, clearer headed, calmer and more peaceful, with a zest for life and more energy!

Transformational Bespoke Coaching Programmes

I offer bespoke coaching programmes for ladies looking for deeper levels of healing and transformation. I offer a free 25 min clarity call where I assess what is currently keeping you stuck and then offer you bespoke programmes based on your needs.

6 week, 2 month and 3 month options are available however I am happy to tailor packages to your needs.


Picture Yourself

With high levels of inner confidence.

Emotionally resilient & armed with the tools to deal with any future challenging situation.

With a rock solid, positive mindset.

Free from the negative mindset you've carried for so long.

Feeling in tune with yourself on a spiritual level.

Free of the emotional baggage that has held you back for years.

With a clear road-map on how to achieve your biggest professional goals.

Feeling empowered, with high levels of self esteem.

Having achieved the financial freedom that comes with success in the insurance industry.